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Hello, my name is Mariah McAnally and I am the owner of Silver Lining Goods. I started this business during Covid-19, like many others that needed a hobby that kept themselves sane from the world around us. I soon fell in love with the art of creating items to wear. I find comfort in wearing items that make me smile or feel confident. I started off by creating spoon rings. The feeling when finding a small unique spoon in a pile of stuff filled me with joy. That passion soon grew into creating sterling silver items. I wanted to incorporate other items to wear that made me happy. I have always loved the ocean and what better way to remind yourself of the ocean than creating rings or pendants out of seaglsss. I just love all the colors and shapes. Not one is perfect like ourselves. 

You might ask why I chose Silver Lining Goods as my brand name. Well here's a little background…  Life is tough, many of us go through negative events in our life that affect how we feel or even function. We may feel lost, unwanted, not good enough, not pretty enough, invisible, etc.  I have had my fair share of hardships in my life, where I felt as if life was hopeless, dark, and there was no way out. Silver lining is a metaphor that represents hope or optimism, that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. I wanted to share the products I make because they bring happiness and joy. They provide a little bling in our life.



Hey beautiful people, my name is Mariah and I am currently working as a adolescent mental health therapist with the help of my amazing and devoted red fox lab, Arti who is a certified therapy dog.  I love to antique, lift,  and of course make wearable art. I hope you find a little joy in the rings I make!

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